NVIDIA claims Android GPU performance to eclipse XBox 360 by 2014


Being a PS3 owner myself, it gives me great pleasure to write this article and to get one over my friends who own a XBox. NVIDIA has just unveiled a new slide that predicts GPU performance on mobile devices will catch or even surpass the graphical capabilities of the XBOX 360 by 2014. The Xbox might be the most popular gaming console (Gamers usually go for cheap over quality, huh people!), but it was introduced late in 2005 and was eclipsed instantly by the Sony PS3 (Yay!). It has since not grown atleast performance wise although recent efforts to introduce a newer, silent and cooler frame is Microsoft’s effort to keep its neck up. Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to introduce new console systems in the next 18-24 months, which would significantly increase their GPU performance.

Unless extra-ordinary improvements in mobile gaming occur, we should not expect NVIDIA to beat the newer upcoming consoles by Sony or Microsoft. There are many great games on Android, but a quick glance at the top games listed in Google Play reveals that most consumers are not interested in playing graphic intensive games on their mobile devices.