T-Mobile updates the LG G2X, minor improvements noted


LG and T-Mobile are rolling out updates for the G2X dual-core Tegra 2 processor device although it isnt an Ice Cream Sandwich update. The update seems to fix a couple of minor bugs users were experiencing and LG sure havent forgotten about this device and its users. T-Mobile had plans to update this powerful device, but we can’t be sure because last we heard it wouldn’t see the update.

For those interested in the update. It brings the G2x to Android 2.3.4 and is still for the most part vanilla Android. It looks like you’ll be getting some improved battery life, slightly faster overall device performance, and a more accurate 3G/4G signal reading with the update. It is available now over the air or you can use the LG mobile update tool from the via link provided below.

Update Link Via LG

Source AndroidCommunity