Fancy – First look at ThingD



I’m not gonna lie, I was immediately hooked on Fancy. Developed by ThingD, fancy lets you window shop on your Android device for products you have never seen before. If you see something you like you can “fancy” the object for later viewing or comment on the object so other Fanciers (made that up) can see what you think of it.

Fancy doesn’t stop there though, you can also purchase many object directly from the application. I came across a pair of headphones that were the coolest looking pair I have ever seen, and since I needed a new pair, I decided to buy them. Purchasing products in the app is easy too, I had the object added to my cart and all my information entered in under a minute. Users should note shipping is only available in the United States and some territories of the United States

Fancy is developed extremely well by ThingD, with scrolling as smooth as that fruit flavored device we all know of and no slowdowns whatsoever no matter how many images are loaded. Currently Fancy is ThingD’s only uploaded application and I hope to see more from him/ her.

You can get Fancy from Google Play here