Daily Android Game : Elastic World (lite)


Developed by Monkey I-Brow Studios , Elastic world brings in a very new variety of gameplay to our Android Devices. Bouncing balls and collecting stars would give  you some idea about the game. Reading the last line what ever you have thought of the game, keep it aside cause the game is completely different from any ordinary star collecting game.

In this game you have to control elastic balls by bouncing them through rubbery platforms and bringing them in contact with the stars hanging around . Your touch responses change the shape of these elastic platforms and makes the balls jump in air according to their position on the platform.

The physics involved in this game is impeccable and the gameplay is very smooth.  Clean and elegant 2-D graphics gives it a cartoonish finish creating a fun environment. The only down side is that the lite version has 10 levels in each world (total of only 2) as compared to 40 levels in the paid version. But still its a must play app.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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