Daily Android App : Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later)


Pocket is a revamped version of Read It Later which is available in many other platforms including extensions, addons ,web support, email support and many other mobile operating systems .The basic use of this application comes in when you encounter an interesting web article and you don’t have time to read it. Using this app you can save the article in the app and read it later.

Now you may be wondering , whats special about just saving an article. The new thing is the way it stores the articles. Pocket formats the whole web page extracting only useful information i.e. article text, embedded videos and related images and displays it in a clean elegant and much more easily readable format.

It’s very simple to use. While viewing a webpage you just have to share the page with pocket from browser menu and later you can view it in the App. It supports over 300+ reader apps  for article saving.

For all you busy folks out there , use this and save your time and money. You can download it from Google Play store link here



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