Samsung Galaxy SIII arrives in the UK, kept under heavy security


Samsung Galaxy SIII has arrived in the UK under lock and key as Samsung are about to showcase the much-awaited smartphone to mobile phone operators.

According to PocketLint’s trusted industry sources, Samsung is showing mobile phone operators in the UK the new Galaxy smartphone. But, it is in a steel box, under lock and key and accompanied by “heavies”.

The mobile phone operators will know what to expect when it is unveiled and will have been able to plan a more effective consumer launch. It also suggests that the device will be launched sooner rather than later.

Samsung is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III on 3 May in London at the company’s Unpacked event, but a flurry of rumours has been circling for a while as to what the new phone will feature, what it will be made of, and more.

source PocketLint