First impressions on Spacetime Studios – Dark Legends


Advertised in Google Play by developer Spacetime Studios (the same folks who developed Pocket Legends & Star Legendes), Dark Legends is an MMORPG where you are a vampire whose master has been killed. You must complete various quests to move though the story that is rich and full of detail.

Various cut scenes are used to expand your knowledge of the vampire world and are very well done with decent art and an actual voice actor. A few glitches are left in the game but none that affect gameplay which honestly is extremely satisfying. There are in-game purchases, that are not needed, because it is free you could go though the entire game without spending any money. The MMO aspect really shows when you leave the campaign and I was very surprised to find a large amount of players on the server I was on. The game also includes PvP that is very challenging.

Dark Legends uses a large amount of power so if you plan on playing plug your phone in or you will exit the game with a dead battery like I did. On a HTC Evo 3D I had very good frame rates and looked great on the qHD screen. I highly recommend trying Dark Legends if you are interested in a solid MMORPG on your tablet or phone.

Download Dark Legends for free available on Google Play store (web link).



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