— Android OEM’s — The battle for survival


Now that Android has successfully seen the fall of BlackBerry and launched the offensive against Apple, the only other war that seems imminent is ‘civil’ in nature. A number of manufacturers are vying for the coveted premier position the Best Android OEM and so far Samsung have been seen taking the early lead.

In the next few years we could see the rise and fall of a number of OEMs. PocketDroid analyses whats next for Android OEMs: 


Lets start with the best (Biased opinion, I know!). Samsung have greatly impressed both critics and consumers with their innovative Android lineup over the years with the Galaxy series prevailing over in every aspect be it design, specs or Android upgrade-ability.

The success of the Samsung Mobile has largely been dependent on its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy mobile series with Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S both selling around 20 million and 50 million devices globally. The Galaxy Note has in no way been poorly received with 5 million units and counting already sold by March. Samsung first entered the Android frame with the Galaxy S series and since then have grown into a world-dominant OEM.  The Galaxy Nexus also ended with pretty big numbers.