Another allegedly photo of the GALAXY S 3 hits the surface


A new photo picturing an allegedly Samsung GALAXY S 3 has surfaced at the end of this week in Poland. According to the guy who took the photo he says that he received the phone unit for testing purposes. Lets get into detailing what we see in the image above.

First off, it resemblance a lot with the phone pictured in a leaked image published by Phone Arena on March 22nd refered to as the GT-i9300 (which we kinda agreed it’s not the GALAXY S III, but who knows, maybe we are mistaken), runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the navigational keys at the bottom are missing, well except for one the Home key.

The design is all Samsung classic, there isn’t much to talk about here, which I, personally find it boring. I really hope the SGS 3 will look way different from what we are seeing in all these leaked images.

So what do you guys think is this the GALAXY S III? We say its something else, but not the upcoming flagship from Samsung. It better not be this one or I will be very disappointed!

source  oPDA [PL] via PocketNow