Sony launches Android SmartWatch LiveView for U.S.


The bluetooth Sony LiveView allows you to read emails, text messages, see caller ID, read Facebook updates and a whole lot more. It was designed for the Xperia line of devices but worked well with many other Android devices. The downside to the device was that it was never officially made available in the U.S. However, Sony has just released a new version of the LiveView here in the states, it also came with a new name. Meet the SmartWatch by Sony. Looking at the old specs and photos of the LiveView, one can easily see they have revamped the design and made the onscreen UI a little nicer. Essentially a window into your device from the comfort of your wrist.

This dust resistant, scratch resistant and splash resistant 1.3-inch screen is 0.03 inches thick and comes in standard black band, but there is also Grey, White, Teal, Blue and Pink color varieties. Each color option is $19.99 separately.  As an added bonus, the SmartWatch is also compatible with most 0.79 wristbands. Navigation is a handled by tapping or swiping across the full touch screen. It operates similar to the LiveView, allowing you to see twitter feeds, Facebook, e-mail, manage music playback, check the weather and even remotely trigger your camera on your device. It currently retails for $149.99.

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