ASUS Transformer Pad 300 gets early retail, starts at $349


ASUS might not have as many tablets as Samsung but with its Transformer Series (TF700T, 370T and Pad 300) it certainly can get close. All these tablets pack heavy specs to cause Samsung damage and ASUS will be depending heavily on each product to deliver.

The Transformer TF700T is basically a Transformer Prime with a 1920×1200 display. But the Pad 300 is a slightly cheaper version of the Transformer Prime with a smaller screen size and thicker frame being the two concessions. Your reward for accepting those compromises is a fairly significant savings with the 16GB version of the Transformer Pad 300 ringing up for just $379 and just $20 more for 32GB (according to a J&R representative that spoke to the Verge). The same representative claimed that they should have them in stock “in about a week.” Internationally, the 32GB Transformer Pad 300 also appeared on the French Tablette Store for €499.

The keyboard is available for the Pad 300 and will cost you around $149.

Source AndroidandMe