Adobe Reader 10.2 brings signature support to Android devices


We have all dealt with situations where we were being sent a digital document or a form that required our signature, and to carry out just that, we have to go through a painful process before sending it back. I was in that position myself, and typically involves printing the document out, signing it, and then fax it back to whoever sent it. Luckily, at that time I found an application on Google Play Store (Android market back then), which helped me to sign the document using the touchscreen of my tablet, but the thing was that in order to process my filling, the app had to connect to an online server, process the whole document there and then return it to me, which I found it really scary.

Adobe cuts some of the above mentioned steps with the announcement of Adobe Reader 10.2 which now offers digital signature support.  The new update also brings with it major functionality including Commenting, Form-filling (PDF documents) and more, and on top of that it’s all for free.

Adobe Reader 10.2 is available for free on both smartphones and tablets at Google Play Store.