Android needs to migrate on to Linux kernel v3.0


Over the weekend, I’ve heard an interesting rumor, that Sony is testing the newly announced Linux Kernel v3.0. The company is trying to decide to whether or not embed it into the upcoming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software update for the Xperia S and maybe on all the other Xperia products too.

I was wondering, if the new kernel offers more support for Android platform, why vendors like Samsung, HTC, LG and all the others don’t start building the upcoming firmware upgrades based on v3.0 it might fix a lot of things that’s obviously wrong with the ICS OS. Yes, Android 4.0 looks nice and all at the surface, but at the inside there are a lot of problems to be solved. We’ve seen Asus struggling to fix all those bug (glitches) problems in numerous software updates issued on a short period of time. It’s clear that Samsung is having lots of difficulties with the release of the same OS update to the GALAXY devices, while Motorola and LG have not issued a single Android 4.0.x update yet. LG is awfully quiet, I wonder what are they up to.

Customers bitterness is building up inside because its been, what, four full months and we are all pretty much frustrated and tired of waiting for the very same thing since Google made the official announcement back in November. Why in the Gods name after all this years nobody found a way to deliver software updates in time. Are we that stupid? And what about making all those drivers available for each hardware components. It will be a major boost for custom ROMs and stock ROMsĀ as well, definitely speeds up things on development side.

Funny how manufacturers are expecting customers to spend a lot of their money every time they launch a new phone or tablet, but in return do they consider to at least offer some proper respect for that, to issue the updates in time and in the process clients will get some satisfaction out of all that spending. Are they asking to much?

I think this is the proper time for a change of direction, Linux kernel 3.0 should be adopted by all means as soon as possible. Furthermore manufacturers along with network operators (carriers) really need to figure out a viable system to solve the ongoing problem of upgrading to the latest Android builds in ime. The new kernel might help improve battery life, maybe on some devices will fix that lag that’s occurring from time to time, improve compatibility with other products, and lots of other issues that are not coming to my mind right now, which Linux kernel 2.96.x obviously can’t help devs to improve or fix.

On an end note, I belive all this problems will eventually be fixed over time if we all work closely together.

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