New Self-Repairable Touchscreen Film From Toray


One of the biggest problems we have with our gorgeous touch-screen phones and tablets are scratches. Sure, you’ll say that we have Gorilla Glass and some other scratch-resistant glasses (don’t get me wrong-they are great), but your screen is still prone to scratching. Then come the screen protectors. Again, they serve well, but after time, they get damaged. However, Toray, a Japanese company, thinks it has a solution for these problems. Behold, the self-repairing touchscreen film!

This self-repairing film has been available for some time for laptops and other bigger devices, as a decorative solution for their respectable cases. It hasn’t been considered for screens, but now they are on their way to your nearest stores.

On a normal room temperature, the film will repair minor scratches in just 10 seconds!. It’s also flexible, so it won’t crack or peel – it will behave as a regular film. It allows 90% of the light to pass, so it’s suitable for bright screens. It’s quite durable too – it’s said to be able to repair 20000 scratches with no degradation, what so ever.

So, are you excited about this new self-repairing film? Are you doing to buy it? Feel free to comment!