Sequel to the famous Drag Racing Android Game now OUT


Play Store Top developer Creative Mobile have come up with a sequel to the hugely successful game Drag Racing, namely Drag Racing Bike Edition. The game includes the thrills of racing like its predecessor but with a new revamped user interface, introduction to bikes instead of Cars and many new added features.

The game gives you control of the throttle and gearbox of your bike so that you can race away from your opponent and reach the finish line as fast as you can obviously before the other racer. You get to try out 17 new bikes.You can tune and upgrade the bike parts in order to have your ultimate power machine. The game provides you 3 modes to play namely arcade,career and online play where you challenge opponents real-time.

With the over 25 million downloads of its car edition, this game is a must try for everyone specially those who are fans of the previous version.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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