LG: Our “thinking” phone will outsmart our competitors


LG Mobile Managing Director Kwon Bong-suk said that his company is currently in the preparation phase of developing a “thinking smartphone” that LG believes could put the company over the top and cause apparently dumb devices to lose out. He says that companies like Apple need not necessarily create the next generation of device. It’s up to companies like LG to identify the “universal value” that all consumers seek from their phone.

LG is planning to move away from the general game-plan of stuffing in features in their handsets to promote sales. For example, a 6AM alarm will be pre-poned to 5:30AM if the usual way to work in the morning is jammed up in traffic.

Kwon Bong-suk notes that LG is considering releasing a $100 smartphone, but the company won’t commit to doing so until it is sure such a device wouldn’t compromise the quality of user experience too much.

Preparations for the development and thinking of this new “thinking phone” are well underway according to him but it will still be some time till we see LG revolutionize the mobiling world. The competition between Samsung and LG was on a level playing field before the introduction of the Galaxy S which tipped the scales in Samsung’s favor. LG will be hoping to get the same effect if they can successfully implement the “thinking phone” technology before their rivals.

Source CNET