Facebook app reveals yet another security bug


To put it simply the Facebook app that you currently run on you mobile, tablet or smartphone has vulnerablitly that allows some 3rd party to access your Facebook account.When an app requests access to your Facebook account – like when you need to connect with a photo-sharing app, for example – Facebook’s current method for allowing said access is to transfer information to the plist that app then has in its own stack of files.

At the moment, this file sits with an app for 60 days after it asks for access, then Facebook trusts the app to access it. The plist in the Facebook app itself has an expiration date as well: January 1st, 4001. That’s according, again, to Wright.

Simple solutions:

  • Uninstall the app and wait for Facebook developers to come up with a patch for it.
  • Ignore it asthe only way a person can get this information from you is if you download an app which can access it (not likely unless you’re downloading rogue apps from who knows where), or someone gains physical access to your smartphone or tablet.