Cyanogen Mod replaces rAndy mascot with Cid


Cyanogen Mod, the most stable Android ROM developers, have decided to dump Andy, the skateboarding droid, for Cid. Reason for change: Cyanogen Mod developers felt the need for a distinct identity; hence a change was needed.

The change, they believe, would allow for a unique representative, one not reliant on Google’s mascot creation.

This new mascot will be unique for CyanogenMod and provide an identity and attitude by which the project can continue to develop – a mature Android OS.

Caio tells us more:

“When I first started working on the new mascot I had this vision of making something that could also work as a polished and modern logo. I came up with two humanoid figures whose bodies took inspiration from heroes action figures and resembles the original Android robot. For the heads I started with two ideas: a power socket and a simplistic round head. I wanted CM’s own robot to feel like an evolution of what we had before, giving it its unique look – and it’s a huge challenge to try to evolve something people know and love.

The idea here was to create something cute (people love cute), modern and extremely flexible. Something simple yet iconic; so we could do thousands of different things with it. I wanted the mascot to look great everywhere in every size and color.

For colors I decided to keep the most obvious choice, which was keeping the cyan and grey from our Andy.”

“When reviewing the design I felt the need for some distinctive features and we decided to give him some attitude and the ability to convey different emotions. Cid has big eyes and his default form rocks a challenging look — something the CM community is all about.”
They choose C.I.D. as it is a potential abbreviation for Cyanogen ID the common thread that all CyanogenMod users share; each user’s unique place in our community.
Gotta say the old mascot surely wont be missed as CID looks like a good choice. Another thumbs up goes into Cyanogen Mod’s pile of thumbs up’s.