Leaked press invite hints to Samsung GALAXY S 3 place and date of unveil?


Look what just popped up from South Korea, where right about now is already morning and the activity just started. It’s a press invite that shows a partial purported Samsung GALAXY S III design and a little bit of information to where the unveil will take place and on wich date.

According to the above press invite image, Samsuns Electronics chose London (pssst the Olympics) as the official place where the next flagship device – GALAXY S 3 will make its debut on 22nd of May.

If this turns out as the last design of the SGS III, I can honestly say that I like it, because it makes me think of Bugatti Veyron the super car. Like the slogan on the press invite says it’s pretty slim, sharp looking and its missing those bottom navigational buttons which gives it a more minimalistic “styleness”.

source Yahoo Korea via Phandroid