Motorola reaches European and Mid East shores with its RAZR MAXX this May


If you’re into Motorola Droid RAZR design, know this Motorola Mobility brings its RAZR MAXX (the  upgraded version of Droid RAZR) to Europe and Middle East next month.

Customers looking for  a smartphone that actually lasts the whole day (from the minute you leave the door of your home in the morning until you get back home in the evenings from work) and maybe more RAZR MAXX delivers up to 17.6 hours of talk time so you won’t spend your day plugged into the wall.

“RAZR MAXX isn’t changing the rules – it’s creating a whole new game. Building on the RAZR heritage it combines the pinnacle of design with mind-blowing power and an incredible battery life that is perfect for people who want to push their smartphone to the limits,” said Maurizio Angelone, vice president and general manager, mobile devices, EMEA, Motorola Mobility.

Mr Angelone also added, “whether you want to watch hours of movies, or don’t want to worry about charging between meetings, this latest smartphone from Motorola redefines boundaries and banishes the low battery beep to history.”

Motorola RAZR MAXX is expected to be available in select countries in Europe and the Middle East starting from May.