HTC One X shows up in Orange Romania offer with an Intel XMM6260 dual-core CPU & nVidia AP33 GPU?


While I was writing this news article about HTC One X headed to one of my countries carriers (Orange), I’ve noticed a rather weird hardware specification added to the One X list of specs.

Apparently Orange Romania will start selling HTC One X devices in the coming weeks equipped with a dual-core Intel XMM6260 processor and notĀ Nvidia’s Tegra 3 (4-Plus-1) quad-core chipset nor Qualcomm’s dual-core S4 Krait processor. It could be just a small misunderstanding between Orange employee’s because the XMM6260 has not been confirmed by HTC as powering the One X, it was only rumored back when we refered to, as HTC Endeavor.

I will try to contact Orange Romania to find out if this is just a simple mistake or HTC will actually deliver One X units powered by the XMM6260 CPU.

source Gadget-Talk