Daily Android Game: Fairy Farm


One of the cutest game on social networks developed by Game Garden LLC – Fairy farm comes to your Android mobile device . The game doesn’t need an internet connection and it is available in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Russian.

Build your own magical farm where you will discover, discover over 30 magical plants, plant and harvest you’re way to the heights of arcane wisdom. You’ll get the opportunity to tame around 20 cute animals like the unicorn, peacock and dragons. Become an experienced alchemist and use advanced alchemy equipment to brew your own potions.

A sweet game for girls passionate about magical creatures and fairy tales. A perfect gift for your daughter and granddaughter.

Fairy Farm features:

  • No Internet connection required! Play wherever and whenever you want!
  • Play in English, German, Spanish or Russian!
  • Regular updates! Unique content added with each and every one of them!
  • Discover more than 30 magic plants and trees. Plant, tend and harvest your way to the heights of arcane wisdom
  • Tame 20 cute animals including Unicorns, Peacocks and Dragons
  • Use sophisticated equipment to brew potions and carry out alchemical experiments
  • Decorate your farm with numerous enchanted items
  • Get ready for a lot of interesting quests and achievements

Fairy Farm is available at Google Play store for free to download.


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