Daily Android Game : Blast Monkeys


After Jumping Monkey there hasn’t been any successful and free monkey game on the Play Store but Blast Monkeys developed by Yobonja here fills up that gap.

Here your control a small monkey (not much of control as you only launch it in air and let physics do the rest) collecting bananas and reaching your goal. There is nothing more to this game than that but the shear range of obstacles and environments is breathtaking. You launch your monkey in air  from a cannon and the finds its way to other cannons or the goal with help of air bubbles or elevator like obstacles. There are so many different obstacles that covering each of them in this article is impossible so I leave it to you while you play the game.

It’s a fast and smooth game. No significant lag or load times. No flashy graphics and everything in 2D but still very beautiful. No noticeable bugs and good in-App navigation. One thing I found missing was the background music as it has none, but sometimes you like it quite to think your way out. Nice way to pass your time specially when its free.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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