Official ClockworkMod Recovery Touch Available For Asus Transformer TF101 And Transformer Prime TF201


ClockworkMod Recovery is arguably one, if not, the most used aftermarket recovery tool for Android phones. It’s way better than the stock recovery, and it’s available for almost every device out there in the Android cosmos. But not every device has the TOUCH-ENABLED version, namely, ClockworkMod Recovery Touch. It’s been available for months for a limited number of devices, and the number is growing every month, as Koushik Dutta, the developer of CWM is hard working to bring the touch experience to more devices out there.

His latest work is CWM Recovery Touch for the Asus Transformer TF101 and Transformer Prime, and it’s available for download for every user out there! This makes the two devices to be the first tablets to get official CWM Touch support.

You can install CWM Touch on your Transformer in two ways – either manually, or via ROM Manager. The manual way is free. You can get the recovery image for free from the official ClockworkMod website. The second way is far easier, but it’s not free. You have to get ROM Manager from the Google Play store and make an in-app payment to get CWM Touch, or enter a code to get it. If you want to support the developer, use the second way. For both ways, you must be already rooted.

How is your experience with CWM touch on your tablet? Leave a comment down below!

Source | ROM Manager on Google Play