Is Sprint delaying the GALAXY Nexus arrival to April 22?


Ever since the first ad campaign for Sprint’s GALAXY Nexus was spotted at the beginning of the year, the wireless carrier oddly continues to hold down the official launch for whatever reasons.

Everyone knows that Sprint is intensively preparing to debut its LTE network in the second half of the year, but if they keep delaying it to much customers migh lose interest on the GALAXY Nexus considering that HTC is almost ready to make an entrance with its One XL on the US market and that Samsung is really close to launching the GALAXY S III one of the utmost desired devices of 2012.

The Verge received a tip suggesting that both the launch of Sprint’s LTE network and the release of the Galaxy Nexus could be arriving at the same time and sooner than we’ve all expected.

According to a document leak that have been circulating among Sam’s Club employees, the Galaxy Nexus is scheduled for an April 22nd release date. Furthermore it is said tha the phone will see an upgrade to a 1.5GHz CPU.

The leaked document also has a mentioning about LG Viper’s release date – April 15. Sprint already introduced the LTE device in early January and we also know the full specs of LG Viper leaked at the end of that month.

source  The Verge