Daily Android Game : Running Fred


Running Fred developed by Dedalord , is another run for your life game much like Temple Run. It’s quite graphical and heavy in terms of looks as compare to Temple Run. There is no doubt that it lands in the better section of running and dodging games whose numbers are good on the play store.

Here you control a small boy named Fred who is running to save his life from the almighty devil who will eat away the life out of him. The game is staged in beautiful locations and sets. The game includes multiple acrobatic maneuvers and deadly traps. You get to choose from a lot of unlockable characters and upgrade them with better skills using coins that you gather on your run. There are 3 games modes namely  adventure, challenge and endless survival with endless survival being the most fun part. There is blood and gore everywhere, whenever you die. But the good part is that you can change these settings to have a more decent gameplay.

Performance wise its a bulky game owing to its graphics, requiring a good amount of battery power. Its controls are bit sticky and the game could be laggy on slower devices. I cannot stop myself from comparing it with Temple Run and outcome being the latter quite better than the former. Nevertheless its a good game for every graphic and funky sound lover.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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