HTC France takes legal actions against HTC-Hub one of the largest HTC blogs


Friday, March 30 was a sad day in the life of HTC-Hub staff, readers and HTC fans world-wide as well, as HTC France decided to take legal actions against one of the largest HTC blog’s for releasing an unboxing video of the HTC One S phone without their consent.

Bruno Miguel the editor in chief at HTC-Hub has obtained a demo unit of One S from a confidential source (who has been seized by the French authorities too for his/her actions) and while there was no confidentiality agreement or any other kind of agreement signed with HTC France (meaning there were no legal restrictions to when to they could share any image, video or information about it), he then decided to publish it.

Right now, we are not certain what legal charges have been brought against HTC-Hub, Bruno Miguel or his source. Everything looks to have roots in the lack of communication between Hopscotch, HTC’s PR agency in France and HTC-Hub blog.

It is sad because the whole situation I think it could of been solved without taking legal actions against the blog which acted, we assume in good faith. They clearly are fanboys of the Taiwan-based vendor. Comments as always down below!

source HTC-Hub via AndroidandMe