Daily Android Game : Swerve and Destroy


Swerve and Destroy developed by BULLMAN DEVELOPMENT, is a relatively new game which has set its foot in the market to compete with the big guns. It brings in a neat and simplistic concept of regular graphics and motion based controls.

In this game you have to control a lonely white dot and save it from surrounding evil red dots . You get plenty of power ups in actual game play in form of shields and guns having various bullet spray patterns. There are two forms of gameplay namely free play and other bonus levels . Free play as the name suggests is free. You can either buy the upgrade from the game or get it free by referring the game to 5 of your friends. The free play sports 3 difficulty levels easy,medium and hard.

Simplistic graphics and perfect gameplay and quite efficiently woven together to provide you a good entertainment package . Its fast , sounds nice , give you ample control of the game in form of settings and is fun to play. Tilt controls are quite good and better than many other games in market . Believe me, these tilt controls will not frustrate you like those in other games. Altogether its a good game specially considering it coming from a new developer .

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here


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