Daily Android Game : HeavenHell


HeavenHell , as the name suggests , is a cute android game which depicts the battle between Angels and Demons . Developed by Nelphy Games it’s a puzzle game which gives you hours of enjoyable gameplay .

The storyline here is simple. You have to help the Angels defeat the Demons by throwing them into the oh so dangerous molten Lava at the bottom of your  device screen. The Angels and demons have two forms , namely square and circle which could be switched among one another by tapping on a particular Angel or Demon. This game offers you a total of 4 worlds and 80 different levels to play with . The game includes dynamic environments including teleportation cyclones , disappearing blocks etc.

Performance wise the game is fast, efficient and does not require a lot of battery power to run . The sound track included in gameplay is  very enamoring thereby binding you with the game for good amount of time . Graphics engine of this game is very beautifully built as it provides neat graphics with beautiful animations without any lag on most of the moderately fast devices. In my view , try the game out and indulge yourself in the charming cuteness of this beauteous game .

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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