Rumor: Google thinking of opening its own Android tablet store


I was waiting to see where this rumor goes, but since almost all major press media have taken the time to write about this story I figured its suited to report about it ourselves.

According to WSJ (Wall Street Journal) report, Google plans to open up shop this year, and sell¬†tablets manufactured by Samsung Electronics and Asus based on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

This is the second attempt to launch an online store after failing in 2010 with the Nexus One smartphone.  While Amazon is at the top of their game after launching 7-inch budget-friendly (under $200) Kindle Fire late last year, and Apple is still ranking at the number one spot for the last couple of years with its iPad, Google probably is attempting a shot at both competitors.

Whats good about this piece of rumor is that once this comes true the price of future tablets might lower considerably, which is great for consumers because once a tablet is affordable likely the number of units sold each year will increase as well (isn’t that what Amazon did, uhmm).

source Reuters