Google Software Engineer drops truth bombs – Talks about the 8 month waiting period for updates


A lot of chatter today about Google’s latest Android 4.0.4 update, especially about Galaxy Nexus CDMA not getting the update, running around. Google employee revealed that those who dont own a Galaxy Nexus will have to wait for a minimum of 8 months to receive that update. This coming from someone who has worked with Google for over 10 years.

Why 8 months? It’s about the time it takes for the software to get ported to the chips that get used in a new phone, then to get it to run on the actual phone, then to have features added to it by the manufacturer, then to have it customized for the specific phone and for the specific operator, then to have it tested by the device manufacturer, then to have it certified and approved by the operator that will sell and support the device, then to have the actual devices manufactured, distributed to the stores and put on the shelves.

Is it possible for a manufacturer/carrier to get out an update faster than 8 months? Most certainly. Longer than 8 months? Well, anyone with an Android device who follows these matters closely can tell you most certainly, yes. It’s a reality we all have to live with. Either that or pack your bags and move towards more “closed” pastures.

However those geeky chaps who are impatient like me already have their devices rooted and are running ICS 4.0.4 ROMs. The modding community provides plenty of options for almost every Android device. Though there are some that aren’t quite as adventurous and would rather wait for the official update in 8 months of so to see a new feature on their expensive Android phones.

Via Phandroid