Google Play Movies now officially available in France as Google Play Films


After merging all three major services (Google Movies, Google Music and Google Books) into one big store dubbed Google Play Store (former Android market), Google announced earlier this morning the launch of Google Play Movies in Europe, France as Google Play Films (the european common term for movies). French customers can now rent or download movies via Google Play Films.

Google offers to French users access to a catalog of hundreds of films online available in standard and high-definition accessible directly from your own Android smartphone or tablet.

Pricing details for old/new standard and high-definition formats:

  • old movies in standard definition are available for rental starting at 2.99 Euros
  • old movies in HD format are available for rental starting at  3.99 Euros
  • the new standard definition movies/films are available for rental at 3.99 Euros
  • the new  movies/films in HD are available for rental at 4.99 Euros

Heads up: All movies/films must be viewed within 30 days from the time of the rental, otherwise it will be automatically deleted (removed). Rooted devices do not have access to Google Play Films.

source FRAndroid