Daily Android Game : Move the Box


Developed by Exponenta , Move the Box is a logical puzzle game where you rearrange boxes according to their type by moving them around to eliminate three or more consecutive (both horizontal and vertical) similar boxes to clear the dock.

With a total of 120 levels in the lite version it provides a  very colorful and beautiful environment with a challenging gameplay . The game sounds easy to play but you have only a limited number of swaps or moves in a particular level and the number of those moves range from 1-3. It has quite a simplistic and soothing sound making your gameplay comfortable at times when you are scratching your head trying to figure out the solution.

The game is quite fast with insignificant load times and good animations. In-game navigation is also quite good as the game provides you option to undo a move or reset the stage altogether . The game gets tough in later stages and require good amount of mental activity. Overall its a good time pass game where you can put your mind to test in your free time.

You can download this app from Google Play Store Link Here



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