Are HTC planning an iPod competitor ?


Who are we kidding, nothing beats the iPod let alone a rumored competitor. Its not a biased opinion but fact as Apple have captivated the music world with their devices and its is almost near impossible for any company to fight them, evident from the scarcely used Microsoft Zune. HTC filed a patent back in early 2011 for a “handheld electronic device” which makes no reference to cellular bandwidths, essentially ruling out the possibility of the device being a phone. The patent application was made public just this month.

 However the openness of manufacturers to take on Apple cannot be ignored. Time and again there have been attacks on the iPod which have successfully been thwarted but who knows some impressive innovation might some day just steal the show. One thing is for certain though if this does manage to reach the shelf it will carry the Android operating system.
If HTC does manufacture this device, would you