Amazon to release two (maybe four) tablets in 2012 ?


Rumors are flowing from the Amazon HQ that they are gearing up for two tablet launches at the very least. It might be hard to breakdown Apple’s dominance of the tablet market but the “Amazon Offensive” sure is giving it a bit of a problem.

The Kindle Fire has been by far the most surprising gadget of 2011, and is currently the second most popular tablet in the world, closing in on iPad’s leading spot as we speak. However, if you thought that Amazon would rest on their laurels and live off the Kindle Fire’s success for as long as possible, you thought wrong. Jeff Bezos’ company is looking set to build upon its hit and come up with not one, but several cool tablets in 2012.

DigiTimes reports that an Amazon 10.1 inch tablet is set to go on sale for around $249-$299. It might be be ready for shipping as soon as July.

For that amount of cash you’d expect heavy features from Amazon who have a reputation on building on stuff that matters and cutting down on stuff that doesnt as evident from the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Amazon might in fact release two 7-inchers, one priced at around 199 bucks and set to be a rehashed Fire version and one that should cost no more than $169, targeted towards entry-level (like in rock bottom level) gadget lovers.