Daily Android Game: My Railway


My Railway is a game produced by GameInsight that brings your old toy train set flattened, scanned re-colored and loaded to your android smartphone or table that brings back those childhood memories.

The first thing you see on the load screen is a girl names Kate gradually getting colored who pretty much gives you tips for much the whole game.


The game is set in an overview of a large piece of land where you utilize your whole touchscreen to interact with merchant shops, pubs and so on. Your job is to build more rails and add bigger better trains that get the job done more fast and more efficiently while extending your own business which gets really good after a while. You could also share certain scores with your Facebook friends and also tweet stats. You could also do some changes to the scenery that really personalizes the game.


My Railway is a really nice addition to the android market with its nice little visuals that as we said brings back memories of the old days that. The game is free right now on the android market and you should try it as soon as you can.



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