Daily Android App: ColorNote (quick notes)


ColorNote is one of the more useful apps I have come across on Google Play Store (Android market) for I’ve been using it for months now.

Colornote is and organizer app that offers digital sticky notes that you could either access through the app or the stick them on your home screen for easy glances.

The interface is pretty simple and offers a decent amount of options in the settings and also include auto backup note to save your important information. It also offers nice colors in the interface itself that are easy on the eyes which you could select different one by priority of note and so forth.  If you do a swipe gesture to the left you get your own in app calendar, select the colorNote button and you get some other useful options; Workplace, Calendar, Archive, Recycle Bin, theme and Search.

The apps is free in the android market right now, so if you’re a student, businessman or woman  on the move that can’t hire a secretary right now this is the app for you. Or the busy house wife or soccer mom that needs reminders to pick up your kids at three (some do), this is the app for you.

Download ColorNote from Google Play Store available free.



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