Will Samsung Galaxy S3 be launched this 30th March ?


UK-based Phones4U retailer has completely changed the appearance of its Oxford Street branch, covering  the store’s windows with the Samsung logo and the almost ominous announcement ”Coming 30.03.2012.” As you may remember, Phones 4 U was also the exclusive UK retailer for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and may have picked up its second big Samsung product in less than a year. Good news for UK retailer Phones4U, GREAT news for those in the market looking for a high-end phone. Its still not official that this phone may be released this 30th but these rumors cannot dismissed.

With the rise in the hype over HTC One series it almost seems logical that Samsung have been forced to retaliate with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However this ad could well be for the Galaxy Pocket or Galaxy Note 11.1 store release ? No mid-range product would demand such large scale promotion. With the  HTC One X expected to be the closest rival to the Galaxy S3, it would definitely be a huge marketing and financial coup for Samsung to release the S3 before the One X. And we already know that the Galaxy S3 is to be released this quarter. Why not sooner rather than later?

As we all know Samsung is more than capable of toying with our minds, I leave it to you to decide whether the S3 will come out this weekend (choose wisely to avoid dissappointment) ?

Source: AndroidandMe



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