Fully functional ICS ROM for GALAXY S II Skyrocket surface


Despite that Samsung started rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware upgrade for over a week now in select countries in Europe and in South Korea in Asia, many GALAXY S II owners world-wide still can’t enjoy it because it’s not available yet due to local carriers approval.

However owners of a Samsung GALAXY S II Skyrocket (AT&T bound) are in for a treat as a fully functional Android 4.0.3 ROM has been leaked out. The new build IML74K is reportedly having NFC and Google Wallet working.  Flash recovery and superuser zip to get root as well.

RootzWiki says this is somehow an official software update (might be something close to the last version before AT&T start’s pushing it out we can not confirm anything yet).

Download Samsung Skyrocket ICS IML74K
MD5 (I727UCALC4_OneClick.exe) = 6e26fa1c0c45ea9d3b0abc599af623c9

Download Heimdall files
MD5 (I727UCALC4_heimdall.zip) = 6dbfc5b20f017070e8a41aa80158ddf8

Full Build.Prop

source RootzWiki


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