Daily Android Game : Gravity Project


Gravity project is the new run and dodge type of game developed by ALPER SARIKAYA . It’s quite different from other conventional run and dodge game as here you have control over the gravity which is a crucial part in the game.

Storyline is quite conventional as your are a runner and you have to reach from point A to point B (End of the level) to complete a particular level. Perks included are in form of energy boxes , time limit extenders, occasional magnets, invincible capsule etc. The obstacles are very beautifully defined in the form of laser arrays, walls, electricity pool, hanging claws etc. You have three kinds of movement controls namely, bottom slide , jump and shifting gravity.

It’s a fast game but may require some amount of load time at the start of the game and while exiting it from the menu. Graphics wise this is the most detailed and the best looking run and dodge game available in the market having rich and futuristic environment. The only downside I think is that it contains a limited number of levels and should include an arcade mode with infinite run time . Other than that the game is purely awesome and worth your time.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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