Unknown Motorola smartphone with no physical keys caught by the spycam


Look what popped up in our inbox today! It’s an unidentified¬†ultra-thin Motorola smartphone refered to as the Blade, with a back cover similar to what the Droid RAZR has made of Kevlar material, and a HD capable camera (likely 720p/1080p recording/playback video capable).

The front seems to be missing its navigational keys which is likely to go on-screen like Droid Fighter and GALAXY Nexus, which makes it most certainly an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) terminal.

We’ve seen in the past Droid RAZR variants headed to the Chinese market, this might turn out as the Droid Fighter version for them. Any thoughts?

source PhoneHK


  1. Sick! I used a razr for Android testing and really liked it, despite the warnings about battery life, which seemed to be more user-error than poor design. I am stoked to see this  live.


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