Daily Android Game : Third Blade (RPG)


Third Blade is an intense Role Playing Game(RPG) developed by Play Store Top Developer Com2uS . Here you have to make your way to the end destroying all the horrifying and evil monsters in your way.

The game provides three types of weapons namely  Dual Wield, One-handed Blade and Two-handed Sword ,each one having their own unique attacking ability. It also allows to increase your skill levels using  3 Enhancement Combo Stages. It also provides option of buying skill points and other type of upgrades  from market. It also includes 2 types of game modes namely normal and arcade mode.

This is quite a heavy RPG game having beautiful non laggy graphics, accurate and precise action effects , enchanting sound effects and a beautiful gameplay. It’s a very famous and highly downloaded game bagging 1 million to 5 million downloads up till now on the play store. Gameplay could be a bit laggy on older and slower devices which is expected considering the highly graphical environment of the game. It’s a must have game for action lovers .

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here





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