Google files outrageous patent to serve ads based on phone background noise


If I were Google I’d focus more on resisting Apple’s attack on Android than inducing such absurd patents that will certainly invade the users privacy.

Not only does the patent suggest eavesdropping by listening but it could take into consideration other things like air quality and temperature. Who knows what kind of ad smoking a cigarette in 20 degree weather would yield.

The application said: ‘A web browser or search engine located at the user’s site may obtain information on the environment (e.g., temperature, humidity, light, sound, air composition) from sensors.
‘Advertisers may specify that the ads are shown to users whose environmental conditions meet certain criteria.

‘For example, advertisements for air conditioners can be sent to users located at regions having temperatures above a first threshold, while advertisements for winter overcoats can be sent to users located at regions having temperatures below a second threshold.’

Google ignored an international outcry to launch its new privacy policy on March 1 this year, despite concerns it may be illegal in the EU, as well as countries such as Japan and South Korea.

European Union authorities said that the new privacy policy appears to violate European law, in an email to Google CEO Larry Page.

A coalition of 50 consumer groups in the UK and the U.S also wrote to Page to protest against the new policy.

Well, this patent MAY or  may not  be passed (yeah, it still might be allowed into the market) inspite of numerous protests from consumers. If I were you I’d best not reveal any sesnitive data or secrets near my phone, who knows who might be listening. As always we’ll keep you updated.