First look at Wooden Box Puzzle game


Wooden Box Puzzle developed by Android-AZ is a Tangram like game where you have to fit in blocks of various shapes into a given area covering the area completely. Tangram is basically  a dissection puzzle invented in China in the 17th century .

Coming back to the game, it’s a mind bending game where basically you get tired of playing when not being able to crack a puzzle. The new things which separates it from other basic Tangram games is the introduction of moving objects which brings in a whole new dimension of speed in the game.

Performance wise the game is good and does not have much issues but gameplay may sometimes be difficult as the blocks could not be moved over one another, forcing you to rearrange everything from beginning.  Another issue which i found out was that the blocks starts sliding in a particular direction on their own as if they are slipping away. The graphics are good and sound is appropriate. In-game navigation is smooth and efficient saving your time from messy menus.

You can download the game from Google Play Store Link Here.



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