Daily Android Game : Photon


Photon is comparatively new Tetris like game developed by Bifrost Studios. It brings in a newer kind of approach of combining things (balls in this case) and blasting them off. In its recent updates a lot of bugs have been removed and new features like arcade mode, openfient etc. have been added.

What you have here is different colored neon balls falling from the top and your goal is to connect three or more same coloured balls to blast them off. You even get special balls each with a different function which when included in your sequence provides bonus points. The game has a good physics engine which give life-like effects and an interactive gameplay. The soundtrack used is very techie which adds to flavor of the game.

Performance wise some users have reported force close issues at the time of loading and balls stacking off at the left end in actual gameplay. Other than that the UI is beautifully build and there are no lags or glitches in screen in gameplay specially considering the graphics involved.Nevertheless it reminds me of the pattern lock feature of android phones . Try it and see if you can ignore the known small issues because leaving that the game is quite good.

You can download it from Google play store link here.



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