Daily Android App : Go Power Master


GO Power Master is a power management tool developed by Go Team whose other works include the famous and most widely used Go Launcher, Go locker etc. This App helps you efficiently track battery usage and provides you with options of saving battery by reducing power consumption.

It keeps track of battery consumed by both software and hardware , software  being in terms of Apps and other Android functions , and hardware being the screen,radio (calls both incoming and outgoing) and network (WiFi & 3G) power consumption. It automatically manages apps and hardware components when you are running low on battery.

It helps you set custom power management modes to suit your needs and even provides status bar battery indication. It gives estimates on the amount of time you can spend in surfing net , calling , listening to music , watching videos with the current level of battery remaining.

It provides accurate information in a clean and well structured manner with a beautiful user interface and perfect in-app navigation.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here


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