Daily Android App : TeamViewer for Remote Control


Ever been in a situation that you are being asked for help on an issue with a computer and you are not being able to understand even a word of what is being explained to you as the problem. You ultimately have to either see the problem for yourself or just ignore the call for help (ya some of us do that). Or did you ever wanted to control your own computer on the move being miles away from it ? Well TeamViewer for remote control developed by TEAMVIEWER provides an efficient solution to these situations.

With the help of  TeamViewer for remote control you can control your PC or any other PC remotely from any location that has access to internet.  With advent of mobile internet that location = everywhere. With the help of this app you can connect to any PC with the help of an Id and password which will be provided to you by the app. You need team viewer software installed on the PC which you want to have access to.

It lets you view, drag and drop files but does not allow you to edit them. Performance wise there are device specific issues which are very rare and concerned only with connectivity. Other than that the app is perfect and just brings in another dimension of control and assistance. My take , always keep this app installed. You never know when you will want to use it.

You can download the app from Google play store Link

You can download the desktop software from here



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