Verizon tips to new software update build FP1 for Samsung Droid Charge


The biggest joy for any smartphone or tablet owner is the time when a new software update pop’s up on the screen because it brings a little bit of excitement wondering what’ll be new with it.

Verizon Samsung Droid Charge owners are the next in line to receive a software update which brings the device to (no, it is not Ice Cream Sandwich sorry folks) Android 2.3.6 fixing and improving quite a few things.

The new build number FP1 delivers the following enhancements and fixes:

Device Features:

  • Updated User Interface (UI).
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.
  • No longer receive a promotional notification popup when using Mobile Hotspot.
  • Device allows for USB tethering while in Wi-Fi mode.
  • No longer lose data connectivity when the USB cable is connected or disconnected.
  • Easily view data activity with the Wi-Fi icon located in the status bar.
  • Complete calls without experiencing choppy audio, clicking noises and/or one-way audio noises.
  • Resolved “no tones” dial pad issue, allowing for easy access to voice mail and other automated systems.

Applications & Widgets:

  • Receive enhanced customer support with the Verizon Remote Diagnostics (VRD) application.  (This application, with customer approval, allows VZW Customer Care to remotely view the device for troubleshooting, device training and application demonstrations).
  • VZ Navigator® is now updated to version
  • The Google Mobile Services (GMS) package includes updated Google Books, Market and Gmail applications.
  • Default browser landing page is now
  • Updates protect device from data loss caused by some 3rd party Android Market™ applications.
  • Desk-dock crash issue resolved.

cheers Max!!

source Verizon