Daily Android Game : Fling a Thing


Fling a thing is a kind of app which deserves more recognition that what it have already. Developed by Big Blue Bubble it’s a very graphical app bringing in a new form of game play. The developers have used the sling shot gaming mechanism most widely popular from the game Angry Birds, and molded it to a new theme.

Your basic aim in this game is to control the “thing” by stretching and flinging it and burst all the bubbles in a level. When a player bursts every bubble of a level he then proceeds to the next level. The number of flings is limited making it an effective combination of cuteness and difficulty. There are a total of 7 different “things” (all being very cute) and 3 different worlds to play on . You unlock these worlds and “things” by collecting starts as they show up in the gameplay.

Performance wise it’s a highly resource draining app consuming a lot of battery and also has significant load times ranging from 4-10 seconds or even more on slower devices. User interface is absolutely beautiful and the graphics are stunning. Gameplay on some devices is a bit off as the “thing” is way down the bottom making the user accidentally push buttons on the phone particularly the back button. There is also a bug which I found out on Galaxy S2 that it separates some amount of space for the ads and do not fill them up when there is no internet connectivity to display the ads leading to blank space and less utilization of screen.

If these technical details don’t bother you then Fling a Thing is a must play game especially on high-end smartphones.

You can download it from Google Play Store link here.




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