Daily Android App : 1Weather


This is a relatively new ad-supported free weather app made by  OneLouder Apps developer of many famous apps like tweet caster ,friend caster etc. As the name suggests it shows the weather of a particular location. Along with weather it also shows other parameters like 7 Day forecast, Severe weather alert, precipitation levels, radar maps (currently only for US) , sun and moon rise and set times and even tweets and pics about the temperature of the selected city.

The colour combination used is a bit unique and out of the league of other weather apps and that’s what makes it different from others not to mention the loads of features that it provides. It also include a widget which shows the date ,location, precipitation and the current temperatures.

It’s a lightweight app having very fast load times.The temperature readings are off by a few degrees as compared to the weather channel , weather bug and other weather showing websites. A feature that it misses out is automatic location detection as the user has to manually select the location on the first run. Navigating this app is quite easy but it contains unnecessary stuff like tweets from users about temperatures (now who wants to read temperature tweets…). Over all it’s a nice app but there are other apps better than this.

You can Download the app from Google Play Store link


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